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Apr 042006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The CSU athletic department appears to be in complete shambles through and through. At the top, we are left without an athletic director, which ultimately means the department is left with no direction.

But the problem only blows up from there. Even if there were some kind of direction, there would be no money to take us there. The athletic department finds themselves in the hole about $1 million for the upcoming year. In an attempt to solve this, student fees will likely rise, yet the problem will not go away. We encourage CSU alumni and boosters to help the situation, but at the same time, we wonder how such an extreme deficit came to be.

There is talk about CSU athletics no longer being able to compete at a Division I level. This is horrendous and embarrassing. There is absolutely no excuse for this. A university with roughly 25,000 students should not compete below the Division I level.

Some students attend this university in part because of the athletic programs and Ram traditions that have excelled in the past. It would be devastating to the university as a whole to see such a collapse in athletics.

Whoever has any kind of control over this matter should step up and take measures to solve these problems. Soon we will find out just how important CSU athletics is to this university. Either the money will be found, or we will witness the demise of the athletic program, quite possibly even the university as we know it.

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