Apr 042006

This letter is in response to the letter written by Paul Simmons, published on Thursday. There is nothing wrong with your parents supporting you in your finances. I do, however, have a problem with the fact that you imply the parents of American troops are not good parents. Since obviously, all people who are in the military joined because their parents don’t love them enough to support them. Come on man, that’s bogus. My parents support my decision to serve our great nation, and they support me financially.

There is a lot of honor in what America’s fighting men and women do every day, but that’s obviously something you don’t have any knowledge of.

I’m happy for your mom, that’s really awesome that she can accomplish things like learning English, run a successful business and support you as you go through college. I would like to remind you exactly why she has that right as a free American citizen. You can thank the Marines, who fought valiantly throughout the Pacific during WWII; you can thank the soldiers from the U.S. Army who stormed the beaches on D-Day; you can thank the airmen who endured the Luftwaffe over Europe; you can thank the Navy SEALs who encountered some of the worst fighting ever recorded in the jungles of Vietnam; and you can thank the men and women of the Coast Guard for keeping our borders safe each day.

Next, you went on to say, “Do you think we would send our brightest people to fight for the freedoms of others? Of course not.”

I ask you go out and talk to any soldier or Marine coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are wise in ways you could never begin to understand. The college-educated officers you speak of (the ranks of whom I am soon to join) are not only out on the front lines with soldiers, they are fighting and dying alongside them. The barely literate “jarheads” are more than what you obviously think they are. Have you ever talked to the many war veterans walking among us on campus? I doubt it. If you had, I’m sure your opinion would drastically change.

Don’t hate me/us because we chose a route of honor and sacrifice. We did not choose this route because of political affiliation or lack of financial freedom. We chose to defend our country. On behalf of all those who cannot be here, you’re welcome.

Cadet Mike Carvill

United States Army ROTC


history major

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