Apr 042006

I first want to express that, although it may seem that ASCSU may not be using funds or our resources effectively, the decisions made by the ASCSU president and the many other individuals within the organization are for the strength of will for the university. I have noticed many individuals around campus tend to point fingers or blame others without thinking before talking. For example, the Collegian article, “What has ASCSU done for you?”

It seems there are individuals who have issues with our student government but I don’t see anyone coming into the ASCSU office (located in the Lory Student Center, room 109) and expressing their concerns. Using the Collegian for your whining purposes is childish. Take the initiative to set up a meeting with the ASCSU president or vice president or even contact your respective senator, who holds office hours throughout the day and is there to represent you.

In response to Rachel Ridenour and her issues with RamRide, although you are opposed to the fundamental program’s functions, the passage of Bill 3428 required a two-thirds vote and was accomplished, illustrating that the proposed budgets were in concurrence by the ASCSU senate. And to point out, for the fun of it, in looking at the minutes of the senate’s discussion of Bill 3428, you didn’t bother to mention your concerns of our ineffectiveness.

Estevan Lee Jaimes


political science/ethnic studies

associate justice

ASCSU supreme court

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