Apr 042006

I would like to respond to Rachel Ridenour’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Thursday, March 20 issue.

Rachel, I noticed you felt it necessary to emphasis ASCSU SUPREME Court. I would like to inform you that, just because the word “supreme” appears in our title, doesn’t make us the ultimate authority within ASCSU. Since you were on Student Fee Review Board, I would think you would have a better understanding of the internal structure of ASCSU and subsequently would know that the supreme court has no authority in matters of student fees or RamRide. If you are going to criticize the judicial branch and its members than maybe you should have a better understanding of what we actually do.

We are the primary pool of members that actively serve as the student voice for university pre-admission, disciplinary and appeals hearings through the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services. We have an important voice in determining whether students who had previous criminal convictions or disciplinary sanctions are admitted to the university. Though often unseen, our role in creating a safe and productive CSU community is vital.

Justices of the court also serve as an impartial student voice on the Greek Standards Board that deals with violations within the CSU Greek community and we receive their appeals. Further, we have specific justices who serve as the hearing committee for sport clubs/student organizations complaints and subsequently their appeals process. Our student advocate serves a vital role in assisting students faced with disciplinary and appeals cases to better help them prepare and understand university procedures and policies.

Finally, our role within ASCSU is to insure that the ASCSU Constitution is accurately upheld and interpreted. We serve as an oversight body to maintain the intentions of the document and ensure that the students’ rights are always the primary concern of YOUR student government.

Ultimately, our job may be unseen by the greater CSU community, but I hope that this helps clarify our job for you and rectifies the misleading accusations you made about the role the ASCSU supreme court plays in representing the students, staff and faculty of Colorado State University.

Edward J. Modec

associate justice

ASCSU Supreme Court

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