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Authors: Tyler Wittman

In the latest headline of Islam’s jihad against everything non-Muslim, an Afghan Christian by the name of Abdul Rahman was arrested two weeks ago and charged with “apostasy” in Afghanistan. Under Islamic religious law in Afghanistan, abandoning Islam is punishable by death. The love of Allah is in the air, folks.

Islam is turning out to be the “Hotel California” of religions. “‘Relax’ said the night man, we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Or else we chop off your infidel head!

The Islamic government in Afghanistan is considered moderate to liberal, yet it is still doing the same things that we saw the Taliban do. Muslim clerics and imams all over the country were praying for Rahman’s death and pressuring the government to “cut him into little pieces” and “cut off his head.” Who’s in charge over there? Hitler? Could it be… Satan? So much for President Bush’s “peaceful” Islam.

The world community was lucky enough to hear about the case and it made a big fuss about it.

The Afghan government dismissed his case for a “lack of evidence” and “mental incompetence,” the implication being that one must be off his rocker to choose Christianity over Islam. Muslims all over the country were outraged and Italy quickly stepped in to offer Rahman asylum, where he’s now acquiring a new identity.

Human rights 1, Islam 0 (a minor victory in a war the world is losing).

So Rahman was spared, but what about the next Christian that gets found out? Off with his or her head? Is that the message of Islam or is it just what the extremists believe? Well in all fairness, we really wouldn’t know based on reactions to Rahman’s case.

Where are the outcries of disapproval from Muslim nations? Where are the imams and clerics who disagree with killing someone for leaving their religion? Not to be found or just silent? Or were they afraid that their own heads would roll, too? The spineless Kofi Annan had nothing to say either, but who is surprised by that? All of them are cowardly.

Kudos to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), that voiced its disapproval of the man being tried for his beliefs. They’re about the only entity to speak up though. How sad is that? In Afghanistan (and other Islamic countries) today, Christians everywhere will pretend to be Muslims and pretend to pray to Allah just so they can stay alive. Why should they have to? It’s a world away from us now, but for how long?

These abuses have gone too far. If Islam can only be converted to and not from, under pain of death, then it’s not a religion – it’s a threat to all of us. Muslim scholars in Afghanistan are saying that Muhammad advocated death for “apostates.” If so, then I deeply pity his followers.

In the four months of 2006 alone, they have once again proven what history tells us is true: Islam hates freedom of expression and will not tolerate freedom of belief. What kind of belief system can’t hold its own in the marketplace of ideas without the threat of a sword?

Islam is the antithesis of freedom. And therein lies the paradox of trying to democratize these countries, but that’s another article.

Many Islamic scholars believe this is none of the West’s business and the Afghan parliament has called for an investigation into Western interference. Kind of like the reconstruction and security of their country is none of our business, too? And they were doing so well without us.

Whoever the aggressor is, religious tyranny cannot and must not be tolerated. Muslims in Afghanistan need to stop acting like cavemen and the “peaceful Muslims,” wherever they are, need to start speaking up. Apathy and silence are consent. As the old saying goes, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Well Islam, here’s your chance. Do something.

Tyler Wittman is a senior majoring in speech communication. His column runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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