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Apr 032006

TKE – keep playing your music loud in the Plaza on these warm spring days.

So did anyone else get shot in the eye by the drinking fountain in the Rec. Center, or was that just me?

So, I just added 4 inches of lift, some new shocks and run flat tires… for off-roading? No, so my car has a chance on Laurel.

How about those seniors who think they’re superior to everyone else? Grow up! For goodness sake, this isn’t high school!

To all of you tired of being single, I have a fun and wonderful alternative: Enroll in organic chemistry! Much like a boyfriend, it takes over your life, ties you up on Friday and Saturday nights, makes you completely unavailable to your friends, sucks the youth right out of you and will consistently leave you confused and hurt. Tada!

At the end of my 10 a.m. class, I can’t help but think how amazing it would be for our class to bust out (classic lunchroom style from the movies) by pounding the desks and yelling, “ONE MORE CLICKER! ONE MORE CLICKER!” That would be SIIICK. Besides, aren’t those clicker questions the only reason anyone goes anyway?

Forget about tripping a 7-foot-tall person; how many people want to see someone go over the handlebars of one of those tall, ridiculous bicycle contraptions that I’ve seen on campus?

If God didn’t want me to sit around all Saturday drinking beer in my underwear, he would have made sloth a sin.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the syndicate of males who read the Collegian while taking a No. 2 in the south library bathrooms. Perhaps there is a small chance you may be reading this now as you commence your daily business.

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