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Apr 032006
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

ASCSU elections have been the topic of choice around campus for the last week. We have listened in on what the candidates feel are the main topics of concern. Now the Collegian would like to address some of the issues in which we feel that our student government should be involved.

/Three-unrelated law – Whether or not the student body of CSU realizes it, this may be one of the most important topics facing them during their years in Fort Collins. The laws restricting the number of tenants per dwelling will have an enormous economic impact on students who can no longer pile up in a house to save expenses. We feel the law is clearly an attempt to discriminate against student tenants and that ASCSU should be leading the effort to defend our rights.

/Parking – Does anyone not realize what a joke parking has become? If you want a reasonable spot, better show up before 9 a.m., regardless of when your first class is. Allocate money for a garage, ban freshmen from having cars on campus or lower the parking pass fees until there is actually a spot available for each pass. Finally, put a curb on the ticket agents. If there is a more resented group of people on campus, we would like to meet them.

/Adviser evaluations – This is a topic we stole from Dyrdahl and Dobinsky, and a good one it is. Give some oversight and review of advisers, and they might do a better job.

/More visible leaders – All right, you’ve won the election. Now please don’t disappear. The student body really would like to hear from anyone who has some great ideas, so speak up!

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