Apr 022006
Authors: Aaron Schoonmaker

Dubbed “The Crown Prince,” Alphonso Williams, also known as A.L., took one step closer to becoming king.

“It was my first time ever on stage,” said A.L., the up-and-coming artist and former CSU wide receiver who highlighted the concert at Lory Student Center Theater Saturday night. “It kind of felt like the first time I went onto the football field against CU is how I would compare it; there were a bunch of people all with their eyes on me.”

Chelslove opened the show and actually gave A.L. an idea that was used in the final song of the night.

“Chelsey has a great voice and had been working with The Brotherhood (of Dae Han, a band also from CSU),” said A.L. “I heard them at a practice and thought we should try it.”

The song is called “Street Quotes.” Taking the chorus lyrics from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” he added his own touch. On a silhouetted stage, with his hood up, A.L. took the crowd home with the song that got a great reaction from the crowd.

“That last song was probably the best part (of the concert),” said A.L. “That’s when I saw everybody, and I was just truly happy.”

Also opening for the show was Mr. Midas who brought a lot of energy, but slowed things down a little bit with a serious song called “Pretty Black Girl,” which was followed by The Faculty, who entertained the crowd with dollar bills and toss-outs. The Faculty will be opening for Trivelle on April 6.

“I met The Faculty the first week I got out here,” A.L. said. “They’ve helped me out a ton with everything, and even the production of this.”

But things don’t end here for The Prince. This should be the first of many shows that A.L. has planned.

“I think were trying to set up another show right now,” said A.L. “Hopefully in Fort Collins somewhere, and hopefully before the end of the month.”

A.L. has been aided by his management group, Raquel Henry and Richardo Jones, who promoted the event and especially at the well-attended after-party at Club Static.

“I can’t thank them enough,” said A.L. “They made it happen.”

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