Apr 022006

There are many questions concerning Ryan Chapman’s book report on “Saddam’s Secrets” by Georges Sada. This book is a man’s word with no evidence. Why does Chapman call the contents of this book “news?”

Why did Sadas wait until the release of his book to make such claims public? If Sadas is interested in the truth, wouldn’t U.S. intelligence have been informed of any evidence long ago? Does the fact that somebody was one of Saddam’s generals relate to how trustworthy this person is? How clever and capable of deception is this guy?

A lot of people (who lean toward fiction) will love the concept and buy the book, which really just perpetuates a political myth. Of course, politics is quite rooted in deception, the more so the higher up you go, and it has become quite sophisticated. But people can be incredibly gullible, so it’s not that hard to make up a story. Be suspicious until the evidence is evident, and even then, question what makes it appear evident.

Michael O’Brien

graduate student

biomedical engineering

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