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Apr 022006

To the person who wants to tear down the tennis courts to make a parking lot: how about not allowing freshmen to have cars like other major universities around the nation, and letting the SENIORS have a place to park!?!

Has anyone ever noticed how YKK has a monopoly on the zipper industry?

A boy mushroom asked a girl mushroom on a date. He said, “I’m a fun guy!”

The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner … All of the Nuggets bandwagon fans better jump on and get a seat, because this year the Nuggets will take no prisoners! P.S. Marcus Camby is a BAD, BAD MAN!

Confession: Sometimes I watch the news solely because I think Bob Kendrick is sexy. Is that wrong?

To all of the sorority girls who cut in line at the bus stop everyday: it’s not socially acceptable.

To all the people who park behind the Hilton: Please stop acting like cattle and refrain from tramping over the Hilton’s landscaping. Really, it doesn’t take any more time or effort to use the sidewalk/pavement. Moo.

The next time I walk through the Plaza, I am going to wear sticky clothes so that everyone who hands out crap can just slap it on me.

The crosswords were a repeat? Dang, I thought I was just getting good at them.

When reading Ramtalk, do you ever wonder if your friend next to you in class is responsible for the most ridiculous submission and just laughs with you when you share it with them instead of ‘fessing up to it?

Reason #1 why not to legalize pot: Dirty, stinky hippies will leave their homes more often and appear in public areas.

The Wichita Shockers are named after a shock of wheat. Since it’s a school out in Kansas that farms wheat, the name makes some sense. Also, their mascot is named Wu (Woo) after the original school Wichita University. So next time, before you make fun of a school that outperforms us in sports, do some research.

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