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Apr 022006
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

We urge you to vote this week in the student government election.

If students decide not to, they’re wasting their money (or their parents’ money, depending on the student). Every student pays the ASCSU mandatory fees that are required in order to attend the university.

So there you have it. You have a stake in this matter, whether you like it or not. Take a few moments to vote on RamWeb – it’s worth it.

And once you’re on RamWeb, we urge you to vote for Jess Dyrdahl and Brett Dobinsky.

Their competitors, Jason Green and Sadie Conrad, have expressed ideas at various events that we found compelling, inspiring and in many ways exactly what we’d want in an ASCSU president and vice president.

But 10,000 ideas wouldn’t necessarily add up to a single action. Twice, Green and Conrad failed to fulfill a rather simple obligation by not showing up to meetings with the Collegian.

And since we know we can’t trust them to keep a meeting – two, actually -we certainly do not think we can trust them with our money.

Dyrdahl and Dobinsky, though possibly not as revolutionary, have given us some evidence that they will do as they say. Their goals are simple and reachable, and they have the drive to do it.

So vote. And vote for Jess Dyrdahl and Brett Dobinsky.

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