Apr 022006

This letter is in response to Ryan Chapman’s, “Weapon of Mass Intelligence Destruction,” editorial in Wednesday’s paper.

His article explains how an Iraqi general close to Saddam Hussein has just admitted to removing all of Iraq’s WMDs shortly before the U.S. invasion. Instead of applauding the president or other intelligence agencies around the world for their diligent work, Mr. Chapman decided to use the opportunity to bash liberals or “lefties” as he calls them.

This makes me wonder if he is really a George Bush lover, or just a liberal hater. Although these days, it seems the two are intertwined.

Are you more concerned, Mr. Chapman, with the fact that the “lefties” were wrong, or with the fact that Iraq DID have weapons, and now we might never find them? The latter concerns me more. Who is holding those weapons now, Mr. Chapman?

Isn’t the fact that we invaded a country to recover weapons and let them slip through our fingers just as bad as the weapons not being there in the first place? Are the 2,300 American dead and almost 17,000 wounded still worth it?

Even though Mr. Chapman has never proven to me to be politically, religiously, or even socially tolerant, the Collegian chooses to print his hateful and disgusting columns every Wednesday. The purpose of the editorial section is for open debate, but also to represent the many different viewpoints of CSU students.

Mr. Chapman lacks insight. He doesn’t debate but rather forces his own small-minded views on everyone else. A few weeks ago he bashed homosexuals by quoting the Bible. Is this really how the Collegian wants to be represented? I know I’m not the first to complain about Mr. Chapman, so why is the Collegian so reluctant to fire him?

If they find a mistake has been made, any local church or small town in Texas will surely provide for another Ryan Chapman.

Jesse Askeland

sophomore, American Studies

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