Apr 022006

I would like to respond to the immigration pieces in the Collegian; I believe that the editorial writers are overlooking an important aspect to this issue – a fundamental disregard for a basic federal law that exists in every country: Sovereignty of a country’s borders.

The United States needs to document all those who enter the country, as it is a dangerous practice to not know who is in the country. When it comes down to it, we have undocumented persons entering the U.S. illegally by evading law enforcement officials detailed to protect the sovereignty of our borders. This is a basic federal law that needs to be strictly enforced by keeping out those who wish to enter illegally for whatever reason.

Also, the financial burden on both federal and state governments due to illegal immigrants is staggering. In 2002, illegal immigrants posed $26.3 billion in costs to the federal government while only paying $16 billion in taxes. Thus, creating a $10.4 billion deficit for just the federal government… forked over by the taxpayers; California and Florida report upwards of $10.5 billion and $4.3 billion in costs due to illegal immigrants, mostly from abuse of Medicare.

I sympathize with the reasons that illegal immigrants have for violating the borders of the US, but the fact remains that more than 500,000 illegal immigrants enter this county each year and the number keeps rising per year.

These people break a fundamental federal law and cost the taxpayers of this country a tremendous amount of money each year just because our government has been too slow in securing our borders properly; I would rather our government protect essential laws and keep costs down to taxpayers rather than worrying about hurting people’s feelings.

Tommy May

Senior, Chemical Engineering

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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