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Apr 022006

This is in regards to a letter to the editor published Thursday in the Collegian. Mr. Simmons writes about how the best and the brightest of the nation are those who choose college, while the “barely literate” end up being jarheads.

To you, whose parents spent more time giving you a college fund than raising you with respect: What about those of us whose parents worked their whole lives, couldn’t afford to pave a road to college for us, and we still had the choice of which path to take?

Not everyone who is in the military chose that path because they lack the mental ability to go into college. Many of them chose the military to help pay off college, and to get them better job placement once their duty for their country is completed. They made that choice.

As a whole, those serving in the military are held to much higher standards and expectations than the rest of society; an example being the tighter restrictions to the BAC levels for DUI laws. Most of those men and women live up to these standards, leaving a few bad eggs to tarnish the news and image of those who wear the uniform.

I’ve spent a lifetime growing up with the enlisted men and women, and officers as well, who do service for this country, and by far, they are some of the best and brightest – some of the most honorable people I have ever known.

Michelle Thompson



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