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Authors: Ben Aaker

CSU Greeks raised $6,300 this past week in the action-packed Derby Days, an annual Sigma Chi philanthropy competition.

A lip-synching contest, silent auction, Greek Olympics and a penny drive were just a few events among several last week dedicated to raising money for Children’s Miracle Network – an alliance of premier hospitals for children.

Five sororities, including Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Chi Omega, joined with members of Sigma Chi fraternity in the common goal of companionship and charitable fun.

“Derby Days for us is all about rounding up Greek life and getting together with our brothers and sisters to have a good time raising money for kids in need,” said Sigma Chi President Nick Paradise.

Each team was judged in the penny drive, a banner-making contest, lip-synching, a kickball tournament and Greek Olympics. For each event, the winning sorority was awarded points and moved that much closer to earning bragging rights for a year.

As for additional incentives for sororities, 15 percent of the total revenue raised went to the winning team’s philanthropy of choice.

Kappa Kappa Gamma reigned victorious this year, raising nearly $1,000 for The National Rose McGill Fund – an organization that provides aid for Kappas in times of financial difficulty.

“We’re very grateful for the girls,” said Jeffrey Eulberg, philanthropy chair and council-elect. “Their participation and enthusiasm is what makes this event.”

Although to the casual observer Derby Days might have seemed like a big party, for Sigma Chi the event encompassed something completely different. In the past, Derby Days and Sigma Chi have been plagued with accusations of alcohol use and various other forms of misconduct.

This year the fraternity strived to put the past behind them and refocus their efforts.

“Getting drunk is the farthest thing on our mind this year,” Eulberg said. “This week is about the children, not us.”

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