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Authors: Richard Huff New York Daily News

NEW YORK – Tim McGraw is known for playing massive venues, but when it comes to his latest NBC music special, smaller is better.

“I wanted to get down to a little more intimate,” McGraw said.

He wasn’t kidding.

“Tim McGraw: Reflected” was shot on location at the Nashville farm he shares with his wife, Faith Hill, and at The Avalon hotel in Manhattan.

The special coincides with the release of a greatest hits package and preparations for a tour with his wife.

“I wanted to be as intimate as can be,” he said. “I’m a pretty private guy. It’s hard to let too much out; it’s just a little more than banging away on stage.”

McGraw said the special, set to air April 7 at 8 p.m. EDT, includes a bit more talking than he usually does on stage, or on a TV special, for that matter.

He said they selected The Avalon as a location because “it looked cool” and was one of those places where it had all the elements they needed for the show.

Besides McGraw, the special includes appearances by Hill – they’ve been married for a decade – and Hank Williams Jr.

“Tim McGraw: Reflected” is the third special the popular country music star has done for NBC. And Hill did one for NBC just last November.

Away from music, McGraw admitted that down the road he might consider getting into politics, perhaps as a senator or governor of Tennessee.

“I’ve always been interested in that,” he said. “If something like that was to happen, it would be down the road, when my kids (are) grown.”

For now, however, he’s sticking to making music – and TV shows.

“The great thing about songs, and songwriters,” he said, “is they give you a movie in three minutes.”

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