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Every year around this time, college basketball fans from around the nation go through the process of shredding their brackets. This year at CSU was no different.

Tyler Cox, a sophomore business major, was stunned when his bracket fell victim to upset after upset.

“Being a big college basketball fan, I had high expectations for my bracket,” Cox said.

Cox ended up with none of his predicted Final Four teams reaching the final weekend in Indianapolis. On his bracket, Cox had three Big East teams – Villanova, UConn and Pittsburgh – joining the Texas Longhorns. Needless to say, he was not happy with his picks’ efforts.

“Basically, my bracket is busted all to hell,” Cox said.

Not all people who filled out brackets had such high hopes going in. Mike Provenza, a junior technical journalism major, entered a bracket despite the fact that he is a self-described novice.

“I’m terrible at these things, but they are definitely fun to do,” Provenza said.

Even though he is a fan of the UCLA Bruins, he failed to predict their tournament run. He believed the Indiana Hoosiers would defeat the Bruins on the way to the Final Four. Instead, the Hoosiers were sent packing the first weekend by Gonzaga, and Provenza ended up with no teams in the Final Four.

“I quit watching the tournament once most of my picks lost,” Provenza said.

Even CSU basketball player Freddy Robinson was surprised by the tournament results. While Robinson did not fill out a bracket, he was surprised by George Mason’s victory over the University of Connecticut.

“I definitely thought UConn was going to win it all,” Robinson said.

Now that his pick is gone, who does Robinson believe is going to win it all?

“LSU, because they are the most athletic team left in the tournament, and they are playing like they have chips on their shoulders,” Robinson said.

Predicting brackets is not just a man’s game, according to sophomore health and exercise science major Casey Stover. She is the only female in her friend’s all-guy bracket.

“I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to college basketball, but I wanted to give it a shot,” Stover said.

Stover joined the majority of CSU students by correctly predicting none of the Final Four participants. In fact, her underdog Final Four pick, Nevada, ended up losing to the University of Montana in the first round.

The Final Four kicks off at 4 p.m. on Saturday with George Mason matching up against the University of Florida. LSU meets UCLA following the first game.

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