Mar 292006

I am writing in response to the article printed Tuesday in the Collegian by Megan Schulz.

Although I believe she wrote this sentence with all the good will in the world, the line, “There is not anything dangerously threatening about the Hispanic race,” is one of the most offensive and downright racist things I have heard in a very long time.

Are we, as Hispanics/Latinos, threatening in other ways besides physical danger?

It is common practice of many people who wish to be in public relations to make comments such as the one above and to unmistakably come out stereotypical and undoubtedly racist. How is that racist? you might ask. In my opinion she should have just said, “I don’t worry nearly as much about Hispanics as I do (enter choice dangerous ethnic group here)” because that is exactly how it sounded.

I sincerely hope that I am putting words in her mouth that she undoubtedly would never say, but I do ask that in the future she make a better word choice before expressing her ideas to the whole CSU community.

Thank You. I hope you gain much from my culture. You can start by celebrating Cesar Chavez day with us on campus on Friday.

Gilbert Apodaca


forestry major

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