Mar 292006
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

The relaxed vibe of this year’s Associated Students of CSU election was evident by the atmosphere and low turnout at the election debate last night.

In an interview with the Collegian two days ago, Jason Huitt, election manager, said that he expected about 100 people in attendance, however only about 60 people were present.

“I would like to see a higher turnout and more students engaged in electing the person who will represent them,” said Jason Green, presidential candidate.

Jessica Dyrdahl, presidential candidate, also said that should would have liked more people to come and participate.

“I believe that they care, but the effort to make a difference wasn’t there,” Dyrdahl said.

Giving an outsider’s perspective, Fort Collins community member Tiffany Miller was shocked by the lack of interest taken by the CSU student body for their own student government.

“Where was the student body?” Miller asked. “Even though I’m not a student here, I could tell that the people here were either affiliated with the campaign or hold positions in office.”

Courtney Healy, ASCSU president said that this year the election process has been more tame than in the past. Sadie Conrad, vice presidential candidate had a similar view.

“Last year it was pretty cut throat. I think it is nice to see people who are friendly and aren’t attacking the other side,” Conrad said.

Brett Dobinsky, vice presidential candidate also hoped that more students would have come and thought that a debate is more educational about the campaign than a pamphlet.

“Students need to feel like they are they are a part of CSU,” Dobinsky said.

However, Dobinsky said they were comfortable and confident with their stances and that overall they showed themselves very well.

Dobinsky’s teammate Dyrdahl thought many good points and questions were brought up in the debate and she said this showed that people care about improvements or changes in the representation of the student body.

Dyrdahl and Dobinsky stressed that they would like to get out there and talk to the students to gain a more general student’s perspective thorough plaza side chats.

Differences between candidate teams heated, however, when the topic of marijuana legalization came into focus when a member of the audience called for a state of action from ASCSU rather than relying on the issue to resolve itself.

When asked if they were going to endorse the petitions for marijuana legalization at the state level, Dyrdahl stated that they would do a closer examination to find out if that is what the students want, and if it was they would endorse an issue that was important to the students.

Green agreed to create a plan of action to endorse this issue. Conrad added that the university shouldn’t add additional punishment for such acts and that she has had many requests for action to be taken on this issue.

“Hopefully students will be able to really look into the issues and what we can bring to the student body rather than politics,” Green said.

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