Mar 292006

This is in regards to the response letter published in Tuesday’s Collegian.

Mr. Mitchelle wrote, ” I assume you know most G.I.s feel that most of you college preppies are just a bunch of spoiled college-on-daddy’s dime children.” To this I say, yeah, you’re right, I am a college-on-daddy’s dime preppy – but let’s think about that a little more. My parents support me 100 percent when it comes to finances, but isn’t that what good parents are supposed to do? Should I feel guilty about the fact my parents handled their business when they needed to and are able to send me to a university? I mean, my mother did not learn English until she was 25, only has a high school education and today runs her own very successful business.

So, while my mom was doing all of this, learning a new language and starting her own business so she could send her baby boy to college so he would be able to compete with the millions of highly educated Asian/European/Indian students out there, what exactly were your parents doing? There is a reason why people who don’t go to college join the military and fight the wars. Do you think we would send our brightest people to fight for the freedoms of others? Of course not. Why do you think the college-educated officers usually stay in the rear with the supplies and plan while they send the barely literate 20-year-old “jarhead” to the front with a rifle? This “chain of command,” which I am sure you are very familiar with, exists for a reason. So don’t hate me/us because we chose a route that was laid for us that would lead to success and future college -educated generations instead of combat.

Paul Simmons



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