Mar 292006

A rebuttal to Allison Tuffield’s laud of the Associated Students of CSU: Allison, it’s interesting you approve ASCSU’s abrupt discard of safe, free, nighttime transportation for those that choose to study or attend student organizations after 6 p.m. Obviously, your educational experience ends at 6 o’clock. It’s clearly more important to spend $68,226 on RamRide to drive drunkards around than supporting student organization programming and academic diligence. The ASCSU budget also indicates that RamRide spends $858 on drinks. Why do we pay to hydrate our volunteers with soda or bottled water when Fort Collins has some of the best- tasting and cleanest tap water in the nation? That’s just wasteful. Just some food for thought as you sit on the ASCSU SUPREME Court.

To learn more about your student government budget visit: or become a Student Fee Review Board Member; have a voice in where your money goes and get free food!

Rachel Ridenour


natural resource management

Student Fee Review Board veteran

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