Mar 292006
Authors: Collegian Staff

A busted steam pipe flooded underground tunnels with boiling water Thursday morning, leaving every campus building west of the Lory Student Center without heat or hot water.

University maintenance officials said they may be pumping out thousands of gallons of water throughout the night, and had no estimates as to when the work might be done.

All of the water must be drained from the subterranean tunnels before workers can diagnose and fix the leak.

“Facilities is going to have to keep digging until they find it,” said Earlie Thomas, director of CSU’s environmental health services. “There’s 6 miles of piping underneath! our campus. It could be anywhere.”

Meanwhile, murky, boiling water bubbled up through manholes and cracks in the ground throughout campus, billowing foul-smelling steam into the wind. While nearly all dorms were without hot water, campus officials cut off all water to Allison Hall. Residents were told they could only flush their toilets once

before the water flow resumes, Thomas said.

Food services across campus weren’t spared – without hot water, dishes can’t be washed and some foods can’t be warmed. As of 3 p.m., restaurants in Lory Student Center remained open.

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