Mar 292006
Authors: Hailey McDonald

5 out of 5 rammies

If you are like me and listen to your iPod way more than radio stations, you’ll agree that Daniel Powter’s new single “Bad Day” came out of nowhere.

However sudden, the tune is quite good and will surely become a favorite among many different audiences.

Powter has set himself up for a pretty comfortable ride. He’s got the sound of mainstream groups like Five for Fighting and Coldplay. The tune “Bad Day” is instantly catchy – and if you ask around, I am the pompous listener who has to “sleep on it” before I decide if I like a song – and it will most likely be on the top of the list for movie soundtracks in the near future.

The group Maroon 5 exploded a couple of years ago and nearly half of their album became a big hit. This is a situation that is pretty close at hand for Powter.

Much of his album is just as good as his hit single, but, of course, the rest of the album doesn’t have quite the hook “Bad Day” has. It is quite obvious the single was carefully selected to be the first release to skyrocket the young man to fame. Yet, other songs like “Hollywood” and “Jimmy Gets High” have enough kick to keep Powter on the music charts for quite some time.

Although the new artist seems to have been strategically guided by the invisible corporate hand, it doesn’t take away from the quality of his music at all. The entire CD is enjoyable and is without those couple of songs you find on most albums that make you want to make canyon-like scratches on the underside of the disc. It will definitely stay in my CD collection, grow on me, and, most likely, the world of music for the rest of the year.

If Powter plays his cards right, he has a bright chain of events to look forward to after the official release of the album on April 11. Tracks to download: “Bad Day,” “Jimmy Gets High,” “Hollywood” and “Song 6”.

Men, Women and Children pumps out high-energy tunes

5 out of 5 rammies

Recently, there has been a huge flocking of popularity to groups like Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects. Punk-pop bands have received increasing amounts of attention and many new bands are emerging due to the positive incentive to join the bandwagon.

This is no different for Men, Women and Children. This new group embraces the punk sound with a unique twist of ’70s disco. I always figured disco would be a hard genre to bring back with any taste, but I find “Men, Women and Children” to be quite successful in their attempt.

The group’s self-titled debut album has been slowly integrated into radio, with more attention coming from the United Kingdom than the United States. The track line-up is pretty solid. Their single “Dance in My Blood” is super dance-worthy, along with several other songs on the CD.

“Messy” and “Lightning Strikes Twice in New York” would be excellent selections for singles. All of the tracks are upbeat and packed with energy, so at first it is hard to tell them apart, but the more you listen, the more the CD becomes a work of art.

Men, Women and Children are one of the groups out there for which it will be hard to pinpoint what type of fan base they will have. The dance, punk or pop crowd may fall head-over-heels for their new sound and bizarre songs.

The six members seem to be a little eccentric for the big music world, but I think in the end their weirdness just may work for them. They will be doing some touring with Panic! At The Disco, which, after hearing their CD, should be one badass live show.

If you like Franz Ferdinand, Panic! At The Disco, or the Scissor Sisters check out Men, Women and Children. Their album is in stores and also available on iTunes for you digital fanatics.

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