Ram Talk

Mar 282006

Does anyone else find it ironic that we just passed a statewide ban on smoking and they’re trying to pass legalization of pot? Perhaps it will be taken intravenously.

To the guy tripping seven-footers: My roommate is a seven-footer on the basketball team, and I think you’d feel really bad after you tripped him when you saw the hurt in his eyes as he asked “Why?”

If olive oil is made from squished olives, what is baby oil made from?

My friend broke up with his girlfriend because he fell in love with her.

You ask what the guy who cheated on three different women at the same time, who all know each other and live together, deserves? A standing ovation. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Why do girls wear random rings on their left hand ring finger? Stop confusing nice single guys like myself. You’re either married, or you’re not. Is it an attempt to stop random guys from flirting with you, or is wearing a ring on that finger just make you ladies feel more secure?

To the boys who stopped to help me after I ate it on my longboard outside of the Plaza on Monday around 3 p.m. – thank you.

I think whoever said we should close the Suite, is right. That second guy is right, too – there is some hatred going on. I hate going to other schools and being mocked by their students for how lousy our sports are. I hate traveling across the country by car just to find out that our football team really is that bad. CLOSE THE SUITE ON WEDNESDAY.

You may burst if you hear one more phone conversation in the library, but I will simply call on ol’ Chucky-boy to deliver a swift roundhouse kick to the melon.

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