Mar 282006
Authors: Ryan Chapman

Georges Sada is a retired Iraqi general who served as Saddam Hussein’s number-two adviser for most of the time he was in power, beginning in 1968. In his new book “Saddam’s Secrets,” Sada relays his experiences under Saddam leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

The general tells not only of the massacres and murder Saddam is notorious for, but he also describes Iraqi plans to use chemical weapons in an attack on Israel in November 1990, shortly before Operation Desert Storm.

Sada describes the plan in the prologue of the book saying, “They would attack in two massive, back-to-back assaults with three types of chemical weapons: The nerve gas Tabun, as well as Sarin 1 and Sarin 2.”

Though this particular attack was averted, the highlight of “Saddam’s Secrets” is the detailed description of how Saddam moved these weapons of mass destruction out of the country. In the summer of 2002, shortly before the expected weapons inspectors and U.S. military arrived, Saddam Hussein took advantage of a collapsed dam in Syria to transport weapons into Damascus under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Sada even goes so far as to detail exactly the types of planes and trucks used in the transportation, as well as how seats were removed from passenger aircraft to allow enough room for movement of the weapons. All after Hussein announced to the world that he would send relief supplies.

Another interesting revelation made by Sada includes his accusations that many United Nations weapons inspectors were accepting bribes in Iraq to prevent the reporting of their findings.

Finding out that the U.N. is completely inept is not news to most of us. What is news, however, is that once again, the facts fly in the face of liberal logic. Not only have liberals been saying that weapons of mass destruction did not ever exist in Iraq but they have been calling anyone who thought they did “liars.”

Well, now the question that must be asked is, were lefties really so dense as to think the intelligence agencies of the United States, Russia, Great Britain, Israel and several other countries could be fooled simultaneously into believing some big conservative lie? Or did they just want make President George W. Bush look bad, as they so often do? I would argue it was a combination of both.

With news this big, that Iraq did indeed posses weapons of mass destruction and had been making plans to use them, you would think liberals would be forced to swallow their words and fess up to the truth. To quite the contrary though, most of those who spew accusations of deceit and mocking our government for using WMDs as a reason for the Iraq invasion are unusually silent on this subject.

Likewise, the mainstream media outlets (ABC, CBS and NBC) have yet to air any coverage of General Georges Sada’s story, proving their liberal pedigree is hard to break.

For just over three years now, I have heard the left claim time and time again that conservatives are “liars,” “war-mongers” and “murderers.” Liberal educators (i.e. Jay Bennish) as well as most democrats in government make a habit out of teeing-off on American foreign policy and accusing the president of invading Iraq for oil.

They consistently use the term “false pretenses” to describe our reason for being in Iraq. After this latest news however, it appears anyone (including myself) who assumed there was still some faint glimmer of intelligence and logic on the left also did so under “false pretenses.”

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