Mar 282006
Authors: Vimal Patel

Chris Rosenblath was originally charged with possession of more than a gram of heroin after being arrested in Morgan Library with a syringe in his arm. He faced up to 12 years in prison.

But the 37-year-old maintained he was not in possession of that much of the drug.

The test results are in.

Rosenblath only possessed three-tenths of the drug, said Norman Townsend, his public defender, and now only faces probation after pleading guilty to reduced charges.

“Mr. Rosenblath had maintained sobriety for two years prior to this incident and then fell off the wagon,” Townsend said.

The Fort Collins resident’s roommates were in court Monday to show support for Rosenblath.

“Chris is the kind of guy you would want as a roommate,” said Brandon Pullen, who lived with Rosenblath before he was arrested. “He’s got a big heart for people.”

He described Rosenblath as a good person who has a problem with drugs.

Despite a lengthy rap sheet on drug-related charges, Rosenblath is an educated man. He received a master’s in anthropology from the University of Alabama, and he taught English as a second language.

On Jan. 27, a CSU Police Department officer drew his gun on Rosenblath after encountering him in a cramped library bathroom with a hypodermic needle in his forearm.

The incident ended peacefully with Rosenblath’s compliance.

Rosenblath told the arresting officers that he shot up five times that day, according to a police report.

The officer who drew his gun on Rosenblath acted under standard procedure, said police spokeswoman Yvonne Paez.

Townsend said his client has received 10 letters of support from friends in and out of the state. Pullen said Rosenblath has his support as well.

“His biggest concern was his mom and the shame it brought her,” Pullen said. “I think that was his biggest point of sorrow.”

He also said his roommate is battling to break out of his destructive lifestyle: “It’s very hard to walk out of it.”

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