Mar 272006

In response to the Collegian’s editorial article Monday, when will a media entity hold our troops to a higher standard? Instead of provoking a new perspective of military accomplishment, this paper has once again fallen back to criticism.

Undoubtedly, drinking and driving is a serious problem. However, emphasizing a negative aspect of America’s Armed Forces has become tiring. I am sure that a collective group of educated minds are capable of stepping off the typical media bandwagon and presenting an original idea of the military.

Soldiers deserve to be held in a higher light. Until a newspaper such as the Collegian is willing to display military sacrifice and achievement, however, articles highlighting negative facets of our troops are superfluous and humdrum.

Expecting enlisted military to properly represent the United States relies upon the media to properly represent the military. It seems too easy for a college editor to attack the underpaid and underappreciated military personnel. Please consider incorporating more challenging articles into your opinion page when addressing the Armed Forces. Thank you.

John Buchanan


construction management major

Utilitiesman 3rd Class, USNR

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