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Mar 272006

I saw a sign randomly placed in the middle of a wall with Braille on it and thought to myself, “No blind person’s gonna see that.” Then I realized the stupidity of that thought.

I was looking at ramratings.com the other day to help me decide on a professor when I came across three different posts about how hot a particular teacher was for BF310. Obviously, I am signing up for her section.

Dear squirrel,

We are beginning to get upset with you, we aren’t going to lie! Where have you been? The weather is sooo nice and you are hiding out. Everyday we have food for you but you fail to meet us at our secret spot. Are you mad that we fed you the spicy peppermint? It won’t happen again, so don’t forget to meet us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday outside of Braiden Hall at 10:30!


Agent 1 and 2

ga-m-ul: (definition) a recompense / recompense: a compensation / Compensation: psychologically behavior that develops either consciously or unconsciously to offset a real or imagined deficiency, as in personality or physical ability / gamul: behavior that compensates for a deficiency. From now on, we should add this word to our vocabularies, and deem all stupid jerks gamuls.

Question for my fellow RamTalkers: What do you think a guy who cheats on three different women at the same time, all three of whom know each other and live together, deserves? Because either I’m crazy or there really is absolutely no justice in the world.

The only thing I honestly hate about this school is the parking. Especially in the Corbett / Parmalee area – it’s hideous. When we pay for our permits, we should expect a spot. Having to walk halfway across campus every day, just to park somewhere, is hardly worth the hundred and some dollars we pay.

To the girl in the food court Friday with the screaming baby…thanks for the birth control!

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