Mar 272006

Just a short note to let you know that I found it very offensive on your opinion piece that the military should be held to higher standards than their college counter-parts. I assume you know most G.I.s feel that most of you college preppies are just a bunch of spoiled college-on-daddies dime children.

You should thank your lucky stars that we do have a military to protect your right to say/print inflammatory remarks. We would love for you to see the real heartache of war, and you wonder why we have a drinking problem? When, might I ask, was the last time you had someone shoot at you or didn’t know if and where you would lose a limb or your life just driving down the road? When was the last time you had one of your buddies die in your arms instead of holding his head over a toilet?

I believe, as I’m sure all the other veterans do, that the time we spent in defense of our (yes, even you are included) country is much more admirable than being able to spout off verbiage that the military should be held to a higher standard.

Rex Mitchelle


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