Ram Talk

Mar 262006

Why is there cult advertising called “The Student Voice” spread all over campus? Distributed right next to the Collegian? Can any group with money do the same thing?

I am getting ready to burst if I have to hear one more cell phone conversation in the library. Do you people not see the “Quiet Zone” signs hanging above the study areas? Apparently not, because not only does your phone ring at full volume, you answer it at a normal volume voice and have a lengthy conversation. PEOPLE, put your phones on silent and be courteous to those who actually are studying.

Do you have a goose problem? Who ya gonna call? Goose Busters. We ain’t afraid of no goose. 555-GUSE

So apparently our roommate has a thing for watching our dogs make out when the rest of us are not around – what a creeper.

Do you ever see tumbleweed bushes?

Regarding the chairlift idea: I like your style. Now incorporate the addition of a 10-story parking garage along with the chairlift… imagine the possibilities.

My perfect man wears short shorts and slippers, drinks a lot of booze, refers to their sort-of girlfriend as “what’s her name,” blacks out and pees on computers, loves Ma and Emeril, listens to Texas country, loves Gonzaga and knows you just gotta live, man.

I’m really lame because I bring my puppy to campus to roam the Plaza with me when I probably should just take him to the park.

Caterwaul? Argufy? Polemic? Exactly what kind of cookies do you eat?

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