Mar 262006

This letter is in response to the opinion of the Collegian’s staff regarding the Associated Students of CSU that ran Friday. As a member of ASCSU, I can absolutely say that ASCSU is comprised of an amazing group of individuals who are truly dedicated to making a difference.

To say that ASCSU is passive is nothing short of ridiculous. Perhaps your staff should do some research as to the accomplishments of ASCSU this year before jumping to conclusion, as your staff so often tends to do. Your staff would have a much better understanding of just what ASCSU does for you and the benefits that result if you took the time to find out. When was the last time someone from your staff was in the ASCSU office or attended a weekly Senate meeting?

This academic year alone, ASCSU has saved around $150,000 on bus passes for students, actively pursued support of Referendums C and D to benefit higher education, worked with the city of Fort Collins to fight the three-unrelated rule, worked with Shamrock to provide shuttle service to and from Denver international Airport during breaks, and most of all, ASCSU has received the Civility Award, which recognized the tireless effort and hard work put forth by members of ASCSU in working with Fort Collins to promote community standards.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the accomplishments of ASCSU. Certainly the job done by ASCSU brings about change and improvement, you just need to know where to look. In the future, please make sure that your facts regarding ASCSU are correct.

Allison Tuffield


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