Mar 232006

I’m writing this letter in response to Eric Versluys’ letter to the editor Thursday. While I agree adoption is a possible way of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, Mr. Versluys is gravely mistaken if he believes adoption is a “simple” solution.

Mr. Versluys, do you honestly believe that if a woman were the victim of incest from her father that bearing her resulting child would be a “simple” process? Can you imagine the stress this poor woman would have to endure? Did you consider the medical costs that are expended in the delivery of the baby? Did you consider the emotional stress the mother would endure as a result of giving up the child? Many psychologists have described the mourning process mothers endure as a result of giving a child up to be remarkably similar to the grieving process that parents experience when a child dies.

Every person is entitled to his or her own opinion as to whether abortion is right or wrong. However, no one should believe adoption is a simple process when it is nothing of the sort. Please Mr. Versluys, think about what you are really saying before you make such a large and presumptuous statement.

Eric Olsen

2nd bachelor’s candidate

political science

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