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Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Jason Green and Sadie Conrad, Associated Students of CSU president and vice presidential candidates for the 2006-07 school year, hope to create a more inclusive and unified campus.

Green, a senior psychology major from Aurora, is director of student advocacy for ASCSU and a member of the Diversity Advocate Council. He also holds a spot on the Lory Student Center governing board and participated in the Men’s Project, held by the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies.

Green said if elected, he would take a light class load next year in order to balance his schedule. However, he said he enjoys staying busy.

“I work better under pressure, so when I have a busy schedule I feel like I get a lot more accomplished,” Green said.

Conrad, a junior food science and human nutrition major from Colorado Springs, is an ASCSU senator for the College of Applied Human Sciences and member of the ASCSU environmental committee and diversity advocate committee. Conrad is also on the dean’s leadership college council, in the honors program and works in a microbiology lab on campus. She also participated in the multicultural leadership retreat and the women’s conference this semester.

Conrad currently is taking 17 credit hours, but she plans to change that if she is elected.

“I would make the position my priority by cutting back on credit hours,” Conrad said.

She is especially interested in social and women’s issues, as well as diversity.

Creating better communication on campus is the focus of Green and Conrad’s campaign. By increasing the amount of communication between Housing and Dining Services, student organizations, advocacy offices and other campus programs, the team believes the campus will become more unified.

“Students can have more ownership in the school if they are involved,” Green said.

The team wants to make sure that ASCSU is not an isolated organization. They hope to get out there and connect with students in order to make the CSU student body aware that it has a voice.

The team also wants to make students aware of the programs that their money funds.

“We would like to see that information distributed among the student body more effectively,” Green said.

If elected, the candidates plan to have ASCSU representatives out on campus more often and create better communication with the administration and the students. They also are considering an ASCSU newsletter, which would include information about current legislation and facts about the university, to make sure students are informed about current events at CSU.


The first debate between the candidates will occur today on the Plaza between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

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