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How disappointing that Tyler Wittman did not enjoy the movie “V for Vendetta”. I can understand, though, that the movie’s “liberal” philosophy may have been too much for him. It’s sad, he wrote, that the Wachowski brothers altered “Alan Moore’s 1986 graphic novel ode to Margaret Thatcher.” (It was published in 1988 and 1989, by the way.)

Has Wittman read the graphic novel? It accurately attacked Thatcherism as homophobic, anti-immigrant and pro-class warfare (in which the rich trample the poor). Moore, through the character of V, calls for open revolution against oppressive governments. He praises anarchy as the means by which human societies find their courses and destroy the British government specifically for this reason. The Wachowskis didn’t dare to send this message. Other graphic novel shocks that no doubt would upset Wittman include:

The pedophile bishop? He wasn’t Catholic. The Church of England, which is specifically named in the comic, has priests and bishops too. Why didn’t Wittman know this? He appears not to have read the graphic novel. In the comic the bishop is not killed with some unspecified poison. Instead, V attacks churches that tolerate sexual abuse. The bishop is made to swallow a consecrated communion wafer. By Catholic (and in the graphic novel, Anglican) belief, this wafer will, upon being swallowed, transubstantiate into the body of Christ. Instead, it remains cyanide and the bishop dies horribly.

The use of religion by the oppressive British regime in the film? Strictly in keeping with the Nazis’ approach and with that of many authoritarian regimes through the centuries. Not only has Wittman not read the graphic novel, he hasn’t read history.

Some ode to Maggie Thatcher. Rather than saving money for Chipotle, Wittman should save HIS money for a copy of the graphic novel, which he can then read in horror.

Dennis Morrigan McDonough

Technician, Morgan Library

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