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Mar 222006

Definition of useless: Going to business law class expecting to review for the test on Thursday, but instead spending more than half the class listening to a discussion on the liability of the varying velocity of exploding corks.

So what’s with all the crazy people who will wait in an hour-long line for Subway? Honestly, you could walk to the one on Elizabeth Street in the same amount of time. Is it really worth it?? Just curious…

What is this WOW that keeps showing up in the comics? Am I the only one not into whatever deal this is?

I know that it’s supposed to mean, but every time I see the “Eracism” bumper sticker, all I can think of is e-mail, e-commerce, etc.

So, I was at Chick-Fil-A this weekend and there was this giant cow staring in my car window. Giant animal costumes give creepers the freedom to creep. We should do something about them.

My ideal girl: One who doesn’t look for her ideal guy in RamTalk!

To the girl looking for her ideal guy… pretty sure everyone stopped reading after “My ideal guy…”

To the girl with the excessively high standards: Enjoy living your life alone. I am going to find someone who is more concerned with personality than looks.

I know where you can find a guy like that, but he’s my boyfriend, and you can’t have him.

When did RamTalk become the personal ads? I thought that’s what Facebook is for.

If anyone seems to be missing a small- or medium-sized black thong, it is located on the east side of Braiden Hall in the road. It has skid marks – from tires – and is quite muddy. You might consider saving it before it is too late, and maybe a trip to the drycleaners would not hurt.

Chuck Norris has finally met his match. Dick Cheney would “accidentally” put a bullet in him before his foot ever got close! He’s damn good, but he can’t dodge bullets.

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