Mar 222006
Authors: Seth Stewart

If anyone else heard the collective “eureka” that echoed from the southeast last week, you’re not alone. It was the sound of 60 software geeks simultaneously striking gold in Boulder.

@Last, a software company from our spoiled neighbors to the south, was bought by search engine Google for an undisclosed amount. The software manufacturers plan to stay in Boulder, which is good news to a city that is suffering from being only “Tony Danza-rich” instead of “Tony Montana-rich.”

The local company is most known for its SketchUp software. SketchUp is a program that allows architects and other digital da Vinci’s to design 3-D models of their work before breaking ground on a school or hospital or some other worthless monument.

Google worked closely with @Last when creating a plug in for GoogleEarth, a program that allows Net users to explore terrain all over the globe. With said program you can visit Paris or even spy on your girlfriend’s house by satellite. Also great for finding backcountry locations to hide evidence.

This is only one of many accessories Google offers. On Google, Web surfers can also use Froogle to shop, GoogleMars to visit the red planet or even plan an exciting trip riding public transportation (Portland, Ore., exclusively).

So what’s the next idea that the Internet giant will gobble-up? I just happen to have a suggestion that they might want to buy from me, at an “undisclosed amount.”

How about a downloadable program called GoogleYourKeys, where you can find lost car keys in seconds. There will be no more walking around the apartment looking in your couch cushions for the piece of metal attached to the Sullivan’s bottle opener. No! We will find these keys through the magic of the Internet.

That’s just one of many ideas that they might want to consider paying me millions for. Let the bidding start…now!

So let this be a lesson to all those would-be Rockefeller’s out there: To make the loot, all you need to do is to come up with some idea or software design of your own. And then let Google come to you. But remember to follow their company motto, “Don’t be evil,” because if you aren’t, you might just have to go to AOL. Good luck.

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