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Authors: Kristen Majors

Josh Gold’s passion for AIDS awareness led him to form a student organization promoting the cause. He hopes to have an informational meeting for the Colorado Student AIDS Alliance in April.

Gold, a senior technical journalism major and Weinberg Tzedek advocacy intern with Hillel(CQ), got involved in the cause after seeing a video on AIDS called “A Closer Walk” and working with the Lifelong AIDS Alliance for an Alternative Spring Break. The Alternative Spring Break group, led by Gold, traveled to Seattle to work with the organization.

“We really want to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic both here in Colorado and around the world,” Gold said. “There’s not an AIDS alliance here on campus. We feel like students should be doing something more.”

Gold said the new student organization plans to participate in T’BGLAD week, taking place on campus from April 3 to 7, by handing out condoms in the plaza along with facts about AIDS. They will also be showing an informational movie later in the semester. Eventually, the group hopes to bring speakers to campus as well as expand World AIDS Day into a week’s worth of events on campus.

“I think it’s an important cause because I don’t feel that the world cares to educate themselves enough about the disease,” said Brian Keener, a sophomore computer information systems major and president of the Colorado Student AIDS Alliance. “People just don’t seem to care that much about the disease. I would like to educate people about what the disease does to people and help people overcome naivety.”

To become a student organization, Gold had to recruit an adviser, president and treasurer, write a constitution and get recognition from the Student Organizations Office.

The new organization hopes not just to raise AIDS awareness on campus, but also set an example for colleges around the nation to form similar groups.

“The disease affects all of us,” Keener said. “As president I hope to create a model organization that really stands up for the awareness and education of AIDS.”

Charlie Buteyn, a freshman business major, thinks a student organization dedicated to AIDS awareness is good to have available for college students.

“I think it’s an important cause, especially on a college campus where sex is everywhere,” Buteyn said. “I think it’s important that people learn about that before they think about the other, more fun stuff.”

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