Ram Talk

Mar 212006

To the group of people who screamed “GO RAMS! WHOO!” at me in the lobby of the

Excalibur Hotel in Vegas last week…you rock. Who says we all go back to nice, warm, not-snowing climates?!

To the piranha guy: Check out piranha-fury.com. There is a breeding forum.

When contemplating what would make our school more interesting, it occurred to me… a chairlift! What a perfect addition since we live in Colorado and all. Think about it… you don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car, it is faster than walking, you won’t slip on ice and it is fun. Think about it, Penley. Think about it.

Closing Suite 152 on Wednesday nights would be the ultimate solution to our mediocre men’s basketball and football teams. God, I wish I was the Athletic Director.

I’d like to send a word to all these lonely people trying to find their soulmate on RamTalk: How about you take your caterwaul and argufy the disparagement that is your love life somewhere else. This is not some polemic blog for your desolate emotions. And that’s how the cookie crumbles.

I didn’t think it was possible to make anything worse than Carrot Top in the 1-800-collect commercials. Touch/, Applebee’s.

To the ‘Clean Air Colorado’ folks: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to be bothered when I am balancing books and talking on my phone. I know it looks inviting, but please just let me walk by.

Why doesn’t CSU offer a class about dinosaurs?

Ah, the Tijuana tequila man… everyone should have the pleasure of meeting this fine individual. One time, without warning, he cracks my head back to pour nasty tequila down my throat, which makes me puke. This guy then has the balls to chase me into the bathroom to ASK FOR HIS TIP. Jerk…

To the person who stole my digital camera from the south Braiden bench, while I was making a snowman across the street: I’m a poor college student who can barely afford Ramen. Thanks for stealing my Christmas present. If you could please turn it in to the Braiden lost and found, you won’t be asking for horrible karma.

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