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Mar 212006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

While a vast majority of the U.S. Armed Forces are fighting the war in Iraq, preparing to be deployed to Iraq or just returning from Iraq, North Korea has explicitly stated that its nuclear arms program is up and running and is preparing for a pre-emptive strike against the United States.

U.S. intelligence officials have known about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions for years, but instead of taking its own pre-emptive action to deter a strike or compromise with the communist nation, the U.S. government ignored the emerging threat.

Now, North Korea government officials threaten that the United States needs to cooperate with them on nuclear issues like they did with India. However, our government has shown no desire to negotiate or even recognize the severity of North Korea’s nuclear program.

We think it would be wise for the United States government to recognize the imminent threat that lies in North Korea and make steps to either deter or negotiate with the nation. We already know they have the capabilities to launch a nuclear strike upon our nation and feel that it is irresponsible for our government to ignore that threat while focusing our military on Iraq.

The United States sent troops into Iraq without definitive evidence. What would stop the government from launching an attack on North Korea? It’s time to question the decisions that are being made in Washington in the name of national security. If it’s such a priority, when will the government take the threat of North Korea seriously?

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