Ram Talk

Mar 192006

I’m now going to name my kids Bradley and George Mason.

A phrase I wish I didn’t understand: “I think she’s breaking up with me, she de-Facebooked our relationship.”

To the student in the class with the seating chart: I got you beat! I am a college senior in a class where you can be marked “tardy,” and if you miss class the teacher wants a doctor’s note or else it’s an “unexcused absence.” I’m not sure whether or not she gives out detention. If she does I will surely get one soon.

Will drunk people ever stop aimlessly wandering around my hall and pounding on people’s doors at 5 a.m.? It’s really starting to cramp my style – my sleep cycle, that is.

So, has anyone seen the sanitary napkin that has been mysteriously hanging out on the pathway between the library and the Eddy building? It has been there for a couple days, and it seems to be holding up pretty well. Anyone know the brand?

To those powerful people who made BD400 part of the Business College’s core curriculum: How do I get my time back, and where do I collect my refund?

Earlier this week I was watching my piranhas go through their mating process. Does this make me a perv? By the way, if anyone knows anything about piranha eggs, please let me know.

I might have a sickness, but I have always wondered what it would be like to trip a 7-foot tall basketball player. Would they fly gracefully, and how much land would they cover?

I was looking at the “Ask Pat” section of the health center Web site, and two separate people wrote in asking if it was OK to “swallow your own sperm.” WOW….

To the guy who hangs out alone by the pond: I saw you today trying to see if the ice would support your weight by standing on it. What were you trying to prove? Did you have a back-up plan just in case you fell in – maybe a life preserver or flares? I think it’s about time you find a new extreme sport.

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