Mar 192006
Authors: Vimal Patel

Fort Collins resident Larry Holgerson was convicted of ejaculating onto a computer screen, mouse and keyboard in Morgan Library, putting a period on a seminal whodunit that has loomed over the library since January.

Holgerson, 48, was fined $75 after pleading no contest, but the penalty was suspended on two conditions: For one year, he must commit no misdemeanors and he must stay away from CSU.

The municipal code law that Holgerson was charged under – depositing bodily waste – is the same misdemeanor used to prosecute those caught spitting in public.

Holgerson had vehemently denied allegations that he masturbated in the library, saying in an interview with the Collegian shortly after the Jan. 27 incident that at his age he didn’t have “the distance” to nail the computer screen.

But though he entered a no contest plea, the man still has not technically admitted to the deed.

A no contest plea means Holgerson did not contest the charge, yet also did not admit to the allegation. Therefore, the court found him guilty because no defense was presented.

A library employee, CSU student Robert Cerda, told police he witnessed Holgerson making strange body movements at a computer station in Room 165 of Morgan Library that Friday evening.

When Cerda examined the station after the man had left, he found the area coated in semen, according to a police report.

CSU Police issued Holgerson a court summons the following Monday, after Cerda had spotted him in the library again.

CSU students interviewed on Sunday showed that when it comes to the integrity of their library computers, the Ram is not a forgiving animal.

Dan Heffron, a junior political science major, said that at the least Holgerson should be given community service.

“If he’s going to destroy the campus, maybe he needs to clean it up,” he said.

David Lacy, a junior chemistry major, said the incident has affected the way he uses the library. He stays away from corners – the result of this incident and other instances where he saw others viewing pornography.

For Lacy, the humiliation of being named in the campus paper is not enough of a punishment: “He should pay for a new keyboard and maybe a new computer.”

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