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Mar 092006

I would like to thank the gorgeous brunette girl working at the front desk of the library for distracting me, thus making me collide with another student. Best moment of my Thursday.

To the Buick wagon at Rams Village. You know who you are. It's parking, not a Rubik's Cube, figure it out!

There are two kinds of people who join MySpace: 1. Those who have kids, got married and never went to college, therefore not being able to join Facebook. 2. Those who are in college, on Facebook, but feel sorry for their friends stuck at home.

Why is it that the smokers deem it necessary to smoke around the entrance of Morgan Library when there are signs that say "NO SMOKING" right where they smoke? Can smokers just not read or is the smoke depriving their brains of oxygen? Hint to all the smokers on campus: Wherever there is a no smoking sign, DON'T SMOKE THERE!

I'm in a college class that has assigned seats with an actual seating chart. I'm just sad that I don't have a cubby to put my lunch pail in and crayons to take my notes with.

To the badger-poker: If you're going to use Eddie Izzard quotes, at least give him the credit. He is a god among men, while you're a mere mimic.

I'm so tempted to bring a pair of clippers to campus and shave every single pair of furry boots I see. They're so hideous.

To the girl in the back row of Economics of Social Issues: You're a TEN! I thought you should know… you're a TEN.

I was walking out of the Lory Student Center this afternoon. There was a huge puddle, about 6 feet across and 3 inches deep. Everyone was carefully walking around it. Some kid paused on the edge, looked left, looked right, flashed me a grin as I watched, then launched himself right into the center – sending a spray of melted snow at least five feet in every direction. It was freakin' awesome.

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