Quit acting like apes

Mar 092006

Forgive me for exhuming and beating a long-dead horse, but I was struck by the pure uncut misogyny of "Top Ten Things Only Women Understand" in Wednesday's paper.

Now, I'm no censor, but I was a bit agog to see a college newspaper printing such views, for laughs no less. I don't have a problem with satire, I even have a small soft spot for libel, but this list was presented as FACT (albeit through observational humor) – and thus reinforces aloud all stereotypes found therein.

In essence, the Collegian was preaching aloud that there are specific actions that are feminine, and only women do them – simultaneously connoting that men don't do these things.

As a fairly effeminate man, I had to ask myself: "So is it OK that I can appreciate subtle tones of color? Is it OK for me to operate in manners that are classically 'female?'" The resounding answer from your paper was "No, you are acting wrong."

I can only assume how uncomfortable it must be for a woman to read this sort of thing. I know this is college, and we're all here to drink beer and have heterosexual intercourse, but while we're at it let's get our knuckles off the ground.

Thank you,

Ishmael Johnson


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