Problem with education

Mar 092006

With Jay Bennish, we are once again, as we were with Ward Churchill over a year ago, treated to the spectacle of an ultra left-wing teacher spewing his anti-man philosophy to students at public expense. And once again we are confronted with a contradiction; a contradiction so harmful that in the 100-plus years it has been accepted unquestioningly by the citizens of this great country, it has nearly succeeded in destroying this great country.

The contradiction I am talking about is the idea that a nation of 300 million individuals can settle on one education system acceptable to and suitable for all. My wife (whom I adore by the way) and I have a hard time agreeing on what movie to watch or restaurant to eat at. How on Earth are 300 million people supposed to agree on what constitutes education and how it is supposed to be properly delivered to the people most precious to us, our children?

When the state takes these decisions away from us as it has done for decades on end in the realm of education, is it any wonder we see leftist political indoctrination taking the place of real education? Religious fanatics are attempting to plug their own special brand of indoctrination into the school system, schools are turning into armed camps and a correspondent devolution in the ability of all people to reason and think.

Until the government is absolutely and completely removed from the equation, the education of the most precious commodity we have will continue to degenerate. Excepting its one legitimate function of protecting the lives and rights of its citizens, how many examples of the government failing miserably do you need to see before you decide enough is enough?


Russell W. Shurts

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