Mar 092006

Regarding Tyler Wittman's piece about Scientology, it appears his main research was limited to reading a previously published, grossly inaccurate, article from the Buffalo News. Like the Buffalo News story, Wittman focuses on the tragic death of Ellie Perkins – who happened to be a Scientologist – at the hands of her deranged son, Jeremy, as if such a tragedy could have been averted if Jeremy had had "psychiatric treatment." Wittman further alleges that Scientology's anti-psychiatric position influenced how Jeremy was treated.

A letter from Jeremy's sister, Danielle Perkins-Carlson, written to the Buffalo News, outlines the treatments Jeremy received and how far his parents went to help him. In her letter she stated:

"Another thing that outrages me is that you are putting forth the idea that my parents did not get 'proper care' for my brother. This is not true. My brother suffered a severe head injury in 2002 that radically changed his behavior. My parents spent thousands of dollars to find a qualified physician who could properly diagnose and treat him. He received hours of psychiatric evaluations having seen psychiatrists on at least three different occasions. Each time it was adjudicated he was 'no danger to himself or others' and released to my parent's care.

"My parents also took him to a neurologist who again said he was, 'just off in his own little world and no danger to himself or others.' So please let this matter rest."

Real research of a religion or anything else for that matter requires observation, getting the facts and thinking for yourself.



Rev. Patty Allread

Church of Scientology of Colorado

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