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Mar 092006
Authors: Collegian Ediorial Staff

While acknowledging the difficulties and pressure that go along with the title of athletic director, perhaps the timing is right not only for Mark Driscoll, but also CSU, to move on. With the conclusion of yet another mediocre basketball season – for both the men's and women's teams – this has become abundantly clear.

CSU athletics, much like the university as a whole, is larger than any one person. That said, during Driscoll's brief reign as athletic director, some of our sports have gone from respectable to laughable. It really was not that long ago that the football and women's basketball teams drew national recognition for their successes. Today, both programs are awash in mediocrity.

Sports are not everything in life. They do, however, provide a forum in which all members of the university, not to mention alumni, can come together. The issue is certainly not the size of our school, as many smaller universities across the nation have enjoyed more success than CSU. With respect to our volleyball, softball and track and field teams, we are falling behind when it comes to other sports.

So whatever the issue is: money, facilities or coaches, we encourage the next athletic director of CSU to do whatever it takes to bring the sports teams back to respectability. CSU and Fort Collins give us a lot to be proud of. Hopefully soon our athletics will join in that regard.

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