Mar 092006
Authors: Danielle Yuthas

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The Deep South meets rock 'n' roll with the sound of Taylor Hollingsworth.

This country boy-next-door image paired with blues and a loud guitar will land in Fort Collins on Saint Patrick's Day at the Aggie Theatre.

Hollingsworth's music is reminiscent of the Heartbreakers and he grew up listening to everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Led Zeppelin. Guitar in hand since age 14, he is now making his debut with his first national CD, "Tragic City," and is hitting the road with a long list of tour stops.

"They call it my debut, but I call the handmade (cassette) my debut," said Hollingsworth, referring to when he was known as Taylor and the Puffs, and released a local cassette in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

The indie band consists of Hollingsworth on guitar, Macey Taylor on the base and Brian Red Elvis drumming. In the vocals department, they are all contributors, but Hollingsworth's voice is dominant.

Hollingsworth has always loved music and his favorite part of being a musician is the "cosmic vibe that goes on between you and the audience," he said, punctuated with a southern drawl. He used to think rock stars were not real people but now that he is starting his career in the music industry he is beginning to relate.

It is Hollingsworth's hope that his future albums will span from acoustic guitar to experimental and traditional country. He may even deliver a crazy dance album, he said.

His advice to garage bands on the rise is to, "Trust your instincts and do what you want to do and not what everyone tells you. Some people try too hard to be something else and it doesn't really work for them."

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