Mar 082006

When I first read David Ballantine's letter on Feb. 20, I didn't believe it warranted a response. Then I discovered Mr. Chris Ballantine's letter on March 6, and as a senior mechanical engineering major with a focus on engineering materials and alloys, I couldn't help but respond.

First off, Dave, I realize being a freshman open option major, you really don't know a lot about engineering or anything in general, so I'll go easy on you. I'd like to point out that the World Trade Center structural steel did not melt. In fact, the 40,000L Jet A Molotov cocktail that burned in the upper levels of the World Trade Center burned at a likely 750-800 C range. This is a low temperature burn for Jet A fuel due to the fact that it was clearly a fuel-rich, low oxygen burn as suggested by the billows of black soot rising from the WTC. Structural steel like that found in the WTC has a melting temperature around 1,500 C. However, structural metals in general lose approximately half their strength at 650 C. This scenario, coupled with the extensively damaged structure, will cause any building to collapse.

Oh, and Chris, you mentioned a B-2 "Spirit" bomber collided with the Empire State Building back in the 1940s. REALLY? I was unaware that our stealth technology was so advanced during WWII. Here I was thinking the B-2 wasn't developed until 1993. I guess that's another conspiracy I didn't know about.

You also asked the question, "How did both WTC towers fall almost exactly at freefall speed?" Maybe you missed out on "gravity day" in physics, but things usually freefall at the same rate of speed: 9.81m/s2. And like controlled demolitions, the buildings fell straight down because that also happens to be the same direction in which gravity acts. Neato, huh?

The structure of the floors below the point of collision was not designed to withstand the thousands of tons of cascading debris from above.

And to answer your question, "Why isn't the government willing to answer or investigate any of these questions," it's because your questions and accusations are stupid and ludicrous, and thus warrant no professional rebuttal.

Please, to both of you, keep your conspiracies to yourselves and let the big boys do the thinking.

Provo Cigo'L


mechanical engineer

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