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Mar 082006
Authors: Meg Burd

For more information, see www.acertainurgency.com.

The band's new album can be found at http://www.milehighmusicstore.com.

Meeting in a small town in Mexico years ago, John Furste and Sven Severin found a shared passion for music and a vision for spreading that music. With their band aCertainUrgency, and a new album released earlier in 2006, the duo take to the Starlight stage tonight, giving fans a chance to see these Colorado music notables and check out their newest, energetic sounds.

Pouring his energy into the guitar, Furste, along with Severin, illuminate the stage with a youthful and powerful dynamism that has garnered fans in the music scene for years with both aCertainUrgency and their earlier band, You Call That ART?

Drawing attention across the state and performing at some of the largest venues, You Call That ART? sold a number of albums and became recognizable faces in the Colorado music scene. A couple of years ago, however, Furste and Severin decided to head in a different musical direction.

"After going into the studio in 2004 we decided to change the name of the band and start fresh with aCertainUrgency," Furste said.

Working with Denver producer Jason Hickman, aCertainUrgency labored on their album "Stories from the Big City" for two years, which released at the beginning of this year. With songs such as "Somebody," "Twisted Games" and "Gone Wrong," the album features sharp, clear vocals and brisk guitars to create an upbeat and vigorous sound.

"Sven Severin is an amazing performer and a great unique singer," Furste praised his fellow musician, while his own guitar playing has generated acclaim from fans and critics as well.

Carefully produced, the album captures the energetic stylings of the duo's stage show. Recognized for his high-impact guitar playing with aCertainUrgency, Furste said the two musicians combine their talents to form what Furste categorizes as a "high-energy rock band."

For Furste, the friendship between him and Severin is a major part of the sound, allowing them a certain musical connection that translates to the audience.

"We've been good friends for a long time – and been through a lot together – and that chemistry comes through on stage," Furste said.

While looking to spread their music to as many fans as possible, Furste notes that the duo doesn't simply have an eye on "making it big," but would consider it a success if they could.

"We're more interested in connecting with people than we are in getting that 'big break,'" said Furste, noting that the two plan to move out into different markets in an attempt to spread their sound.

For aCertainUrgency, college crowds provide a particularly coveted audience, and they hope that student audiences across the country will be fans who appreciate and spread word of the band.


"We're pretty focused on getting our music on more college campuses because we think there are a bunch of students who would appreciate what we're doing," said Furste of the band's plan for expanding their fan-base.

The band's new album is getting frequent play on campus radio stations such as WSIA, based out of the College of Staten Island in New York.

While the two have been a fixture on the Front Range music scene for many years, upcoming shows might be one of the last chances for fans to catch the duo as a local act, as Furste and Severin hope to take the show on the road.

"We're moving to the Midwest this summer where we're hoping to build a following at the schools in the Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin area," Furste said.



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