Mar 082006
Authors: Michelle Zilis

When an animal acts out it is considered misbehaving or lacking discipline. In reality, these so-called undisciplined animals might actually being doing it for the same reason people do: frustration, anger and depression.

Americans spend millions of dollars treating and dealing with depression. However, when the idea of animal depression is brought up, chuckles and rolling eyes tend to ensue.

In reality, animal depression is a very common occurrence among pets. Pets have feelings and emotions similar to humans, said Estes Park psychic and animal medium known as Rosemary the Celtic Lady. Rosemary is the founder of the American & Canadian Association of Psychics and Healers.

"They grieve and get depressed and act out to show us those feelings. They are very aware in any shifts in tension throughout their house," Rosemary said.

Oftentimes, well-behaved pets will act out by chewing up furniture or going to the bathroom in the house.

Rosemary explained that pets are best compared to children. When they are upset they may lash out the same way a child would.

An example would be whenever an owner goes away on vacation, an animal can have serious reactions to the unpredictability in its life. Pets often get depressed and stop eating or may act out.

When the owner comes home, the animal is happy to see him/her because pets have unconditional love for their owners and are unable to hold a grudge for being locked up for a week, unlike a human, Rosemary said.

There are several things one can do to alleviate the stress your pet will experience while you are away for spring break or any other vacation, she said.

Before you go away, Rosemary suggests that you actually communicate with your pet to tell them where you are going, how long you will be gone and why you cannot bring them.

Also, it is suggested that you bring your animal to a friend's house who also owns a pet. This way your animal has a distraction.

Brianna Wronski, a freshman English major, has chosen to bring her pets to her parent's home in Denver while she's away on break.

"I chose my parents home because they are very comfortable there and it's practically like their home away from home," Wronski said. "Plus they'll have all their favorite toys and when I call home to check in I'll have my mom put the phone up to them so I can say hello."

If there is nowhere to bring your pet and it must go in a kennel, Rosemary suggests researching to find a comfortable one. And immediately upon returning, spend some quality time loving your pet.

Country Squire Pet Resort on Shields Street offers many conveniences for pets.

"We like to think that when owners go on vacation, their pets get to go on vacation too," said owner Mary Hobbs . "We do everything we can to make their stay great, including exercise programs, bedtime cookies and their own blankets."



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